After live in the Bay Area for a year and a half, I realized that I can never avoid a town on my fun time calendar. While I’ve moved from west bay to east bay, and moved back, I’ve never realized that there is one place that is so perfect for get together or dating. The truth is that I felt like Palo Alto was so upscale that it is unapproachable. Even though I’ve been there dozens of times over the past couple of years, many of the trips have been for shopping, meaning that they’re fast and purposeful. But there are also many times that I’ve been spending with different groups of friends for house parties, get-together and dates. They’ve allowed me to really explore, try new things and enjoy Palo Alto as a tourist and as a local, too. I thought it would be fun to round up highlights in the city – sharing what I did, coffee place, and what I wore.



Usually when I come to Palo Alto, my favorite place to shop is the Stanford Shopping Center. More often than not, I’m here. Some times however, I shopped in two spots – downtown (which I didn’t love) and [sweater spot] (which I also love). I’ve jumped around boutique shops, department stores and brands, my favorite shops are Stanford Shopping Center. While the Stanford Shopping Center will always be my number one, last year I visited the town & country village and picked up a few really good sweaters, too.

I love walking around the Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto Downtown, Stanford. They’re all interesting and fun in their own right. A friend of mine lived in a gorgeous house and invited me to a house party. I couldn’t believe how nice it was to live in that area. First off, the neighborhood is incredibly charming and quiet. The type of space you want to dress up, walk your dog and spend a lovely evening with a couple of lovely friends sipping wine, eating delicate food and have a good laugh. While that’s not exactly what we did when we went. We ordered pizza at Patxi’s, drunk a lot, played games and danced. That was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had.

Refreshing my memories, I couldn’t believe that my first visit to Palo Alto was in search of coffee at the Blue Bottle , a friend’s sugestion and one that I was very much looking forward to. I’d heard such wonderful things about this place and was excited to finally try it out. We ordered the coffee, avocado toast, and some bites, and ended up having a fun and relaxed afternoon. A very well decorated mediterranean style yard, well worth the Saturday afternoon sunshine! Afterwards, we walked around, window shopping at some interesting boutique and French Bakery shops.




31EE2745-65E2-4D1E-BAE4-3E23AEF1FB83Outfit Details:

Saint Laurent Tote, Ellen Degeneres Sneakers, H&M Scarf, Tilly’s Skirt


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